Our conductor

Our orchestra conductor at Spring Baptist Church, Spring TX. is a very special person.

He’s well known in the church and school music programs across America.

Raise a baton for our conductor.

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Roller coaster

Do you ever feel like you’re on a roller coaster?

But can’t get off and just keep riding around in circles.

Ride the roller coaster.

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May the Lord bless you

This is a blessing for everyone in the encouragement group at BJM.

Do you need a blessing today?

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What you see

Too often we look at things without seeing them. Our eyes are open, but our hearts and minds are not.

We all need to look deeper and understand what we’re looking at. This is for the ones that can see.

Do you see?

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BJM is Between Jobs Ministry held at NorthWest Bible Church.

A wonderful jobs ministry for those in the Houston TX area.

This poem was inspired for what they do.

Click to read BJM.

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How you win

In this race of life, do you know how to win for eternity?

This is how you win.

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Sometimes, you just don’t feel deserving of God’s loving touch.

Click if you feel inadequate.

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It is good

To Robbi, who left a home and job in Houston (by faith), to live in the woods of Washington/Oregon to minister to battered wives and women in prison.

It is good

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Can You Hear Them?

This is for anyone with major depression.

Anyone who has demons.


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Written for my mother (the day after her birthday)


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